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Percent and Probability [ Profile ] - Learn what a percent is and how to figure probability.

Create a Graph [ Profile ] - Learn how to create area, bar, pie and line graphs from the National Center for Education Statistics. This interactive charting tool allows completed graphs to be downloaded and/or printed.

Using Data and Statistics [ Profile ] - Learn about charts and graphs created from everyday examples. Also, learn to how to compute different types of average values, such as the mean or median.

The Birthday Problem: A Short Lesson in Probability [ Profile ] - Find out how likely it is that two people in a class have the same birthday. With an explanation of the math behind this problem and a simulation.

Fact Finder Kids' Corner [ Profile ] - The U.S. Census Bureau provides this site as part of their American FactFinder effort. The site provides facts about all of the states, in an age-appropriate format. There is a quiz, and an explanation of the Census.

Statistics [ Profile ] - Article from Encarta Encyclopedia defines this branch of mathematics, offers a short history, and provides an overview of the study today.

NASS Kids [ Profile ] - The National Agricultural Statistics Service provides some basic explanations of statistical terms, as well as games and puzzles.
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Percent and Probability - Learn what a percent is and how to figure probability.