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EPA Global Warming Kids Site [ Profile ] - Focuses on science and impacts of global warming or climate change, and on actions that help address global warming. Features games, events, and links to other relevant sites for kids and educators.

Carbon For Kids [ Profile ] - Helps kids learn about greenhouse gases and global warming.

Cool Kids For A Cool Climate [ Profile ] - Explanation of global warming, causes and effects, kids' stories, ways to take action, links, and news.

Global Warming [ Profile ] - Summarizes current arguments concerning global warming. Includes various points of view and some of the basic problems in following the science.

The Case of the Warming Planet [ Profile ] - Mr. and Mrs. Cool hire the Rain or Shine Detective Agency to investigate why winters are getting shorter and summers are getting longer.

EcoKids: Planet Protectors [ Profile ] - Stop carbon dioxide from taking over the world and changing the face of the planet forever in this interactive adventure.

Mercury Rising: Bearing Witness to Climate Change [ Profile ] - A photo-documentary production about Earth's response to global warming. Includes a 12-day web expedition in Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud forest, the location of important climate change studies.

Global Warming Facts and Our Future [ Profile ] - Examines the greenhouse effect, carbon cycle, causes and effects, predictions, and responses to change. Includes teaching activities, links, and suggestions for further reading. From the Marian Koshland Science Museum.

WeatherQuestions.com: What is the Greenhouse Effect? [ Profile ] - Simple description of the greenhouse effect by a climate scientist.

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program [ Profile ] - Research into global climate change. Features a daily quiz, information on research locations, photographs and an explanation of global warming.

Heat Watch [ Profile ] - Interactive learning center designed to help students understand the problem of global warming. A Thinkquest site.

GCSE Physics: Climate Change [ Profile ] - Introduction to the problem of climate change including global warming, together with a look at the impact various energy-generating technologies have.

Directory of Global Warming [ Profile ] - Contains links to scientific studies of the human, non-natural contribution to global warming. Plus, possible ways that alternative energy can help solve this problem.

Global Warming Topics [ Profile ] - Has articles on many topics including CFCs, deforestation, and the Kyoto protocol.

Sila: Clue in to Climate Change [ Profile ] - Experience how climate change is affecting different parts of the world, take a quiz, or learn what can be done to stop global warming.

The Weather Factory [ Profile ] - Offers article describing the relationship between el niƱo and global warming.

Global Warming: Focus on the future [ Profile ] - Explains how humans have changed the atmosphere, what that's doing to the climate, and how it can be changed.

Global Warming Map: Early Warning Signs [ Profile ] - Illustrates observed consequences, as indicated by periods of unusually warm weather, coastal flooding, and changes in glaciers and polar regions.

Global Warming Facts and Our Future [ Profile ] - Learn how a warmer climate will change your life, plus what can be done to alter climate change.

Global Climate Change: Research Explorer [ Profile ] - Discover how researchers study climate change; examine the latest scientific data on this global problem.

ARM Education: Global Warming [ Profile ] - Introduction to global warming, climate change, and how methane contributes to global warming.

Global Climate Change [ Profile ] - Analyzes the situation, explores how carbon dioxide relates to global climate change, and how remote sensing can be used to detect climate change.

Global Warming: Cool It! [ Profile ] - Explains how each household contributes to the problem, and provides a downloadable booklet to help every family make a difference.

Global Warming and Environment [ Profile ] - Professor Sam Berry explains global warming in this short video. Requires RealVideo player.

Global Warming: The Origin and Nature of the Alleged Scientific Consensus [ Profile ] - Article by MIT professor Richard S. Lindzen describing the problems with the global warming theory.

Changing Times [ Profile ] - Article explains how Australia's animals and plants are already reacting to climate change, such as fairy penguins breeding earlier, and gum trees flowering at different times. Gives information for each state, with photographs. From Scribbly Gum, part of ABC Science Online.

Earth on Fire [ Profile ] - Introduction to the carbon cycle, and possible solutions to global warming.

The Greenhouse Effect in a Jar [ Profile ] - An elementary or junior high experiment. Students can see for themselves the effects of a greenhouse, and relate this to what occurs in the atmosphere. From the Franklin Institute Science Museum.

Climate Change for Kids [ Profile ] - Tiki the penguin explains climate change, greenhouse gases and what you can do to stop it.

Global Warming: What it is ... [ Profile ] - Explains how scientists are trying to figure out global warming.

Atmosphere, Climate and Environment: Global Warming [ Profile ] - Looks at the natural greenhouse effect, how humans are making it stronger, and what could happen if it continues.

Climate Change: Frequently Asked Questions [ Profile ] - Answers the most common questions that people have about global warming.

Global Warming [ Profile ] - Read articles about climate change, and see how climates are expected to migrate in the next hundred years.

World View of Global Warming [ Profile ] - Has pictures of change in the Arctic, Antarctica, glaciers, and the ocean.

Discovery of Global Warming [ Profile ] - The history of scientific work on climate change from the 19th century to 2001, told in a series of essays.

Climate Change [ Profile ] - Learn about possible causes of global warming and the impact that this may have on the earth's oceans and coastal areas. Site includes printable page with review quiz.

Guide to Cimate Change [ Profile ] - An interactive visual presentation of different possible futures for the Earth, depending on how the current environmental problems are managed.

Global Warming Photo Gallery [ Profile ] - Take a look through this photo gallery to help understand global warming's impact.

Global Warming [ Profile ] - Find out all about global warming and climate change and learn what you can do to help the environment.
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Global Warming - Read articles about climate change, and see how climates are expected to migrate in the next hundred years.