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All About Frogs for Kids and Teachers [ Profile ] - Illustrated guide tells what frogs are, where they live, what they eat, how they protect themselves, and why they are important. Also includes crafts, stories, songs, poems, and printable activities.

Exploratorium: Frogs [ Profile ] - Features an online exhibition, frog myths across cultures, and sound files.

The Froggy Page [ Profile ] - Offers pictures, sound clips, stories, songs, and links to scientific information.

Frogland [ Profile ] - General frog and toad information including species caresheets, pet care information, and environmental issues. Also fun activities, jokes, printable pages, pictures, and clip art.

Minnesota Frogs and Toads [ Profile ] - Sketches and descriptions of the most common types.

'Frog'-quently Asked Questions [ Profile ] - Answers to common questions about the lives of frogs and toads.

Something Froggy [ Profile ] - An introduction to frogs in story form. Includes two versions, one for kindergarten through 3rd grade and one for 4th through 8th grade.

Tadpoles [ Profile ] - Second graders from Avocado Elementary share their observations and drawings based on their study of tadpoles.

FrogWeb [ Profile ] - A project that provides information about recent, global declines and deformities among amphibian populations.

Frogs and Toads for Children [ Profile ] - Children's reports, stories, and pictures of frogs and toads.

Frogs for Kids [ Profile ] - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency offers a page of frogs to color, a webcam, and fun facts. Learn the dangers that the creatures face.

A Thousand Friends of Frogs [ Profile ] - Become a friend of a frog when you learn about frog art around the world, amazing facts, and unfortunately some malformed frogs.

Why Is This Frog Worried? [ Profile ] - Feature from Washington Post's KidPost looks at how pollutants are causing mutations in the frog population.

Froguts.com [ Profile ] - An online virtual dissection of a frog that uses flash to teach frog anatomy and physiology.

Deformed Frogs [ Profile ] - A debate project which engages students in an examination of a current controversy in science by engaging them with relevant evidence from the Web. Includes pictures and hypotheses about why frogs become deformed.

Frogs - Madison Jason X [ Profile ] - Online project designed for 4th throughout 9th grade students features frogs that live in the Great Lakes watershed. Includes interactive quizzes, a guide to 10 common types, and fact or fiction section.

The Somewhat Amusing World of Frogs [ Profile ] - Information about habitats and habits, trivia, fun facts, and a look at the differences between frogs and toads.

Firebellied Toad [ Profile ] - Basic information about this creature, along with advice on choosing one as a pet, building a vivarium, and care and feeding.

Frogwatch USA [ Profile ] - A frog and toad monitoring program coordinated by the United States Geological Survey Biological Resources Division at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. Relies on volunteers to collect information regarding frog and toad populations in neighborhoods across the nation.

The Case of the Disappearing Frogs [ Profile ] - Help detectives at the Rain or Shine Detective Agency find out why frogs are vanishing from Jack and Joey's pond.

Muck and Guck and Buggy Things [ Profile ] - Find out where frogs live, what they need to survive, and what's happening to their habitat.

The Lily Pad [ Profile ] - Frog information, care, and culture.

Frogs of Australia [ Profile ] - Comprehensive guide including descriptions, distributions, breeding calls, identification key, and a glossary.

Frogs of New England [ Profile ] - ThinkQuest site describes the anatomy, the habitats, and the life cycle of local amphibians. Includes games and activities.

Frog Calls [ Profile ] - Audio files of the calls of various species of frogs.

Frogs Australia Network [ Profile ] - Find out all about Australian frogs, their habitats, and their conservation. Free membership allows use of an interactive map and a searchable database featuring frog calls.

Mypetfrog.org [ Profile ] - Offers information on the history, care, feeding, housing, diseases of the African Clawed frog.

Netfrog [ Profile ] - Learn how to dissect a frog with photo images, movies, and text. Then practice parts of the dissection. [Requires QuickTime plug-in.]

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit [ Profile ] - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory offers an interactive tool demonstrating the amphibian's skeleton and internal organs.
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