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Korea for Kids [ Profile ] - Take a virtual journey to Korea, learn a little bit of the language, and explore a popular form of poetry.

Life in Korea: Cultural Spotlight [ Profile ] - An in-depth look at various aspects of Korean culture and society.

PBS Online: Hidden Korea/Culture [ Profile ] - A brief look at Korean culture.

The Korea Herald [ Profile ] - The home of one of South Korea's largest English newspapers, this site provides information on what is happening in Korea today.

South Korea: A Country Study [ Profile ] - Information from the Library of Congress covering the economy, geography, history, society and government of the country.

Life in Korea: Scenes of Korea [ Profile ] - More than 6,000 photographs from Korea. Pictures cover a variety of topics, ranging from traditional wedding ceremonies to religious rituals to the changing scenes.

Kids Online: Korea [ Profile ] - A Korean child's report on Korea, complete with map, flag, and national anthem sound clip.

CIA World Factbook: Korea, South [ Profile ] - Features a map and brief descriptions of geography, economy, government, and people.

Korea Traditional Wedding [ Profile ] - Introduces and explains Korean marriage traditions.

DeMilitarized Zone [ Profile ] - Thinkquest Challenger site relates the history of the DMZ and explores how this narrow strip of land which divides the two Koreas has come to be home to a fragile ecosystem.

South Korea - Culture, History, and Religion [ Profile ] - Created especially for western students, this site provides a glimpse into the world of South Korea. Includes photographs.

Kim Dae-jung - Biography [ Profile ] - Tells about a former president of South Korea and explains why he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000.

Korea.net [ Profile ] - Learn all about Korea's people, government and economy. Also has lots of articles on sports and entertainment.

Cheong Wa Dae for Kids [ Profile ] - A look at the people and culture of Korea. Simple illustrated text. From the Office of the President.

Korean Culture [ Profile ] - Offers a simple introduction to culture and family life.

Korean Folk Village: About Korea [ Profile ] - Offers an in-depth look at Korea's history and culture, along with photos from the national folk collection.

Lonely Planet's Guide to South Korea - Culture [ Profile ] - A brief look at South Korean culture. Includes links to general facts about the country and tourist information.
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